Tesvor X500 Pro Robot Vacuum

Manufacturer: Tesvor

Intelligent Control Water Tank

Electronically controlled water tank, use App to adjust the water output of the water tank, adopt different mopping plans according to different environments, and protect the ground under the premise of ensuring the cleaning effect.

tesvor robot vacuum t8

3.0 Gyro Navigation

More intelligent gyroscope navigation technology improved cleaning efficiency and cleaning coverage compared to 2.0 gyroscope navigation

Real-time Smart Map

Real-time smart mapping, plan cleaning, see the cleaning status at any time, remotely control the robot to clean

OTA Function

Unique OTA ( Over-the-Air Technology ) service allows you to do quick updates and enjoy the lastest functions without hassle.

Sweeping Along The Wall

The function of cleaning along the wall, the corners of the wall can be easily cleaned

Virtual Wall

Use the magnetic strip to set the virtual wall, prohibit the robot from entering the special area to clean, freely plan the cleaning area

Planning cleaning

S-type planning cleaning, cleaning over 90% of the area, efficient cleaning, no missing places, no repeated cleaning

Multi-room Cleaning

More than 100 minutes of automatic cleaning time, can clean your home multiple rooms, if you can not clean it once, you can automatically go back to charge, and then continue to clean

Online Customer Service

App has built-in online customer service function. Feel free to help you solve problems online.

Do not add detergent in water tank. Use only water.
Language of Robot might be in German. 

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