Tesvor Robot Vacuum X500

Sorry - this product is no longer available

Manufacturer: Tesvor
SKU: X500

The only robot vacuum under €200 which has a gyroscope navigation

Using an advanced gyroscope technology, X500 robot vacuum automatically adapts to your home. A truly intelligent device that works with S-shaped cleaning paths.

Autonomous one-key plan system

X500 auto plans the path for each cleaning and memorizes the cleaned paths. It auto navigates to clean uncovered areas. Compared with the random cleaning coverage of 60%, X500 cleans effectively and covers up to 95%.

Real smart planned cleaning

App Control / Remote Control / Alexa & Google Home Voice Control Smart Features

Use these smart features to direct cleaning, or customize, schedule, monitor cleaning sessions, select cleaning modes, and know the vacuum malfunction cause with your phone. Compatible with Android & Apple

Unique 3-stage cleaning system

This new improved Robot Vacuum Cleaner utilizes a 3-stage cleaning system with V-shape dual rolling brushes & brushless motor & streamlined air duct design, which offer thorough customized cleaning effects. In addition, it provides 50% extra suction pressure. The powerful motor allows picking up of dust, debris, pet hair efficiently, especially on hard floors, thin carpets and rugs.

Sweeps hidden dust along the wall

Boosts professional bilateral brushes that effectively cleans those bothersome hard to reach edges and corners leaving no hidden dust behind no matter the angle.

Low Profile- Glides under furniture easily

The 2.9" tall robot vacuum seamlessly glides underneath the sofas, beds, kickstands and around the furniture with ease leaving zero blind spots.

Cleaning status map

Allows you to follow a logical cleaning pattern, precise navigation as well as checking cleaning real-time map, which provides a clear report of the cleaning outcome.

Hands-off vacuuming- Avoid the Obstacles

The Fall Prevention & Anti-collision + Climbing ( 0.6in max ) + Virtual Protection Band (Optional) = Comprehensive Obstacle Elimination. Efficiently enhances the robot navigation, decrease and avoids collisions. avoid stairs or any other kind of collisions!

Auto Charge- Always prepared to clean

When cleaning is completed or the battery is low, the robot vacuum will recharge automatically. Unique navigation + search dual-recharge system location ensures the success rate and efficiency of recharging.