Service and Support from our Certified Technicians

As the only Authorised Apple Service Provider in Malta, it means that all our technicians are trained and certified by Apple. Our Service Repair Centre and working practices are subject to regular Apple quality control to ensure that we maintain the highest standards of customer care.

AASPs are part of a network of Apple Authorised businesses that provide comprehensive support and repair services for Mac products. AASPs employ Apple-certified technicians, who complete regular Apple training and assessments, so you can be confident you're getting help from qualified, experienced professionals.

We offer a wide range of specialist Apple support services tailored to meet the differing needs of private individuals, small business, schools and large organisations. Whatever your problem we will get you back on track quickly and efficiently. Our team of highly skilled qualified service technicians are fully accredited to carry out warranty and non-warranty assessment & repairs, and available to assist you whether your equipment was purchased from us or from elsewhere. The parts we use are sourced only from Apple and our repairs do not affect your warranty status. All service repair records are logged and documented on Apple's Global Service system.

Our Service Repair Centre is now based in a brand new premises in B’Kara, next door to the iCentre shop. It is open 6 days a week, with dedicated repair staff available to diagnose your fault and advise on the best course of action. Our technicians are all Apple trained and certified. The Service Cnetre opening hours are as follows:

  •       Monday – Friday       08:30 - 18:30
  •       Saturday                    08:30 - 12:30


Help Desk


Our Help Desk can provide all the expertise and support that you may need. Our Apple Certified and Authorized Service Engineers have extensive knowledge of the Mac OS and leading Mac applications, so most issues can be resolved in a single visit/call.

The Help Desk operates during normal office hours (08:00 - 17:00) and is available to all our customers.



1. iPhone and Mac Repairs

Apple-certified repairs are performed by trusted experts who use genuine Apple parts. And only Apple-certified repairs are backed by Apple. Whichever is your need, you'll get your product back working exactly the way it should.

2. System Installations

We offer Installation Services to all clients (from large organizations to small business users).Apple Certified and Authorized Service Engineers will commission your new equipment in our state-of-the-art Service Centre and deliver it to the customer site. We will install  Apple approved software / third party hardware devices and connect your Macs to your existing network infrastructure.

3. System Health Checks

At your request, our Apple Certified and Authorized Service Engineers will conduct a health check on your system. The service is customer specified, so we will do as you ask. This can include disk defragmentation, system rebuilds and removing of old and unused data. Diagnostic tools will be utilized to check for system performance and viruses 

4. Carry In Service

If your Apple product is in warranty, then there will be no charge for a hardware repair. If the product is out of warranty then we will charge Euro 45 + VAT per hour labour plus the cost of any parts required. We will provide an estimate for the repair and only proceed when we have received your authorisation. All hardware repairs come with a 90-day Apple warranty. The fee of Euro 45 + VAT per hour may apply to warranty repairs if problem is found to be software related. Before any repair is offered we will need to assess the equipment and correctly identify any fault. Therefore equipment must be left with us until such time as an Authorised Technician can complete an assessment.

5. Fast Track Service

We do understand that your deadlines sometimes mean it’s not possible to be without your computer. To assist we have introduced a new Fast Track Service - receive priority service on all in and out of warranty repairs. There is an additional charge of Euro 59 + VAT per hour for this service along with the normal fee and units will be assessed within a 24 hour period and repaired subject to parts availability

6. Call Out Service

If you are experiencing a problem with your Macs and need an experienced technician on site to resolve it, then we offer a chargeable call out service. The service covers both hardware and software issues.


7. Premium Protection Plan

The iCentre Premium Protection Plan provides three years warranty from the date of purchase. You can now relax in the knowledge that you are protected against most unforeseen repair expenses for the full duration of your iCentre Premium Protection Plan. The plans on offer are available in two different price bands as follows;
  • For Consumers – 3 year extended warranty (2+1)
  • For Business Customers – 3 year extended warranty (1+2)

There are 8 products in all, according to the type of equipment under cover. The products together with their respective prices are listed below:


Price (EURO)

iCentre Premium Protection Plan (Plan 2 + 1) - CONSUMER – for iPAD, IPAD Mini, iPAD Air, iPHONE


iCentre Premium Protection Plan (Plan 2 + 1) - CONSUMER – for iPAD Pro


iCentre Premium Protection Plan (Plan 2 + 1) - CONSUMER – for MacMini


iCentre Premium Protection Plan (Plan 2 + 1) - CONSUMER – for iMAC


iCentre Premium Protection Plan (Plan 2 + 1) - CONSUMER – for MacBook Air, MacBook Pro & MacPro



Price (EURO)

iCentre Premium Protection Plan (Plan 1 + 2) - BUSINESS – for iPAD, IPAD Mini, iPAD Air, iPHONE


iCentre Premium Protection Plan (Plan 1 + 2) - BUSINESS – for iPAD Pro


iCentre Premium Protection Plan (Plan 1 + 2) - BUSINESS – for MacMini


iCentre Premium Protection Plan (Plan 1 + 2) - BUSINESS – for iMAC


iCentre Premium Protection Plan (Plan 1 + 2) - BUSINESS – for MacBook Air, MacBook Pro & MacPro




The following products, parts, situations, operations and causes of failure or breakdown to the covered good and its elements, are hereby expressly excluded:

1) Failures or elements not expressly included in the Manufacturer’s Warranty certificate; those goods that have their manufacturer’s warranty void for any reason; any damage reimbursable under any insurance or warranty.

2) Any type of Normal wear and tear, obsolescence, maintenance, cleaning, re-setting, exposition to weather and/or dust.

3) Breakdowns or failures due to the power source, electrical dripping, inadequate connection to the electrical network, stabilizers, peak suppressors or other appliances, and those which occur in generators or transformers in general.

4) Cost of dismounting for the diagnosis when the breakdown or failure is not covered under this warranty for any reason.

5) Breakdowns due to repairs, modifications, and actions carried out by a technician non-authorized by the manufacturer or the Company, or blatant oversight of the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

6) Breakdowns of aesthetic or structural parts, such as casing, frame or any decoration, scratches, dents   or cosmetic damage that does not impede the proper functioning of the appliances.

7) Screen malfunction of a number of pixels per million pixels and Image retention not according to Apple's Policy.

8) Breakdowns of accessories or complements, such as remote control, battery chargers, transformers, external cables, buttons, handles, antennae, recipients, connectors, plugs, Glasses, lenses, crystals, windows, lamps, light bulbs, needles, etc. and those caused by accessories not authorized by the manufacturer.

9) Failures caused by mishandling or inadequate use, including but not limited to bumps or hits, moisture, liquids, heat or cold exceeding manufacturer’s indications, and voltage changes. Aesthetic defects, corrosion, rust, caused by normal wear and tear or accelerated by environmental circumstances.

10) Software (including operating systems) loss or failure; and damage or failure of the equipment due to a software virus, the configuration of user settings, the process of backing up or recovery of data, loss, corruption or damage to data or operating system.

11) Accidents, Acts of God, Natural disasters, War of any kind, military force insurrection, rebellion, usurped power or action taken by government authority, nuclear Hazard however caused or any other cause beyond the control of the Company.

12) Accidental Damages



In the event of a failure, and always before any work is carried out on the Covered product, the owner must contact iCentre Service Centre on the 21442123 or [email protected] within a maximum of 5 working days from the date of the breakdown’s detection.

The owner must provide the following documents:

  • Copy of the Covered Good’s purchase receipt / invoice.
  • Copy of the iCentre Premium Protection Plan Card.



Your  iCentre Premium Protection Plan   provides cover for three (3) years from the purchase date. We encourage you to read carefully the terms and conditions contained in both the Manufacturer's warranty booklet and this iCentre Premium Protection Plan document and keep them in a safe place. A copy of the leaflet containing all the terms and conditions of the iCentre Premium Protection Plan can be obtained by visiting our retail outlets. Alternatively we can send you a copy via e-mail.


Apple iPhone Warranty Claims

In view of the numerous queries we receive regarding iPhone Warranty Claims,  iCentre would like to answer the more frequently Asked Questions regarding this subject. If your iPhone has a defect that you intend to claim under Apple's International Warranty, the following applies;

1.For iPhone purchases carried out in a retail shop in Malta, and in-line with local legislation, you must refer your claim to the local retail outlet where your iPhone was purchased. This outlet has a legal obligation to process your warranty claim.

2.It follows from (1) above that if your iPhone was purchased from any iCentre outlet then please proceed to the iCentre Service Centre in Pieta and we will be glad to assist you.

3.If the iPhone was purchased from an Overseas Apple Store or an any other overseas Authorised Reseller -then you can claim Apple’s International Warranty with the Official Authorised Distributor for iPhone in Malta which is Vodafone Malta - you can quickly verify this with Apple by visiting - We trust that the above is helpful. We will be happy to guide you further if required.


Battery Replacement Program

With reference to the Battery Replacement Program announced by Apple, kindly find the procedure for battery replacement hereunder.

Any customer owning an iPhone 6 and/or later that is out of warranty must visit our iCentre Service in B’kara Bypass with the said iPhone.  Please note that appointments can not be taken over the phone or by email. Customers will be given an appointment to have the battery replaced at the discounted price of €35. iCentre will endeavour to replace the battery and return the iPhone on the same day. 

If the iPhone happens to be still covered with the first year Apple Limited Warranty, iCentre will change the battery free of charge after necessary diagnostic tests reveal problems or issues with the battery health. However, as per EU Consumer Law, during the second-year customers should refer to the point of purchase and/or the reseller.

Please note that the Battery Replacement Program  will be open till end of December 2018.

Please note the service centre has moved to B’Kara bypass, next door to the iCentre shop. The opening hours of the service centre are Monday to Friday 08:30 - 18:30, Saturday 08:30 - 12:30