Ricoh is a leading global manufacturer of office automation equipment. Its line-up includes copiers, printers, scanners and facsimile machines amongst others.

Printers: In Japan, Ricoh holds the No. 1 market share in networked colour laser printers, as well as in mid-and high-volume laser printers. With a vast and rapidly expanding range of innovative office laser printers, Ricoh aims at a top market position overseas as well.

Copier and Multi-functional Systems: In the 1980's, Ricoh pioneered digital copiers and is currently a major manufacturer. The company offers an impressive line-up of digital copiers and multi-functional systems. It maintains its No.1 position in the international monochrome digital copier market by anticipating market demands with integrated office solutions. Currently, Ricoh is making the transition from the network connectivity level to document solutions. New models provide built-in document server functionality and bundled document management software. Additionally, at the high end of the market, Ricoh’s digital, touch-screen-operated high-volume copier/printers have captured high market shares since their introduction in 2000, thanks to their advanced features.

Facsimile Machines: Many of today’s offices continue to rely on their fax unit for the better part of their business communications. The reasons are obvious: fax machines are user-friendly, immediately accessible and easy to maintain. Apart from the convenient thermal faxes, Ricoh was a market leader in introducing laser fax machines. These add high speed as well as compactness and convenience. The latest laser models also have included printing, scanning and copying functionalities. Ideal for small offices and businesses, these Ricoh fax solutions provide you with a fast, straightforward and cost-saving means of communication.

Environment: Ricoh’s environmental policy has an impressive track record. All of Ricoh’s operations are ISO 14001 certified. Rated environmental front runner in international rankings, the company proves that conserving valuable resources can be combined with good business sense. The European and U.S. Business Councils for Sustainable Energy awarded Ricoh with the ‘Climate is Business’ Award in 2001. On the product front, Ricoh received the International Energy Agency’s ‘Copier of the Future Award’ for its Aficio™1035, a model which has been superseded by the latest model Aficio™2035e.

Global Operations: The Ricoh Group comprises of 390 companies and subsidiaries with over 74,200 employees in Europe , Africa, the Middle East, North America, Asia and Oceania