Duracell Powerbanks

Manufacturer: Duracell

Duracell Powerbanks are designed to provide you with a reliable source of power that you can take anywhere you go. With fast charge technology and high capacity, these powerbanks help you prolong the battery life of your smartphone or other USB-powered device. Packed with 10 safety features for safe, worry-free use.


3350mAh - Speed up charging of your device and get up to 24 hours extra talk or surf time*. Fast to charge and easy to carry, a back up option in the form of a Duracell Powerbank 3350 mAh helps you avoid disappointing low battery issues. The 3-year Duracell guarantee, combined with ten safety features mean safe use and reliable power.

6700mAh - Up to 48 hours extra of talk or surf time*! A fast, safe and reliable solution for your everyday power needs, Duracell Powerbank 6700 mAh allows you to keep your portable devices charged and ready when no power outlets are available. With 10 safety features and 3-year guarantee, this power pack offers a worry-free use and Duracell power.

10050mAh - Get your smartphone charged 2x faster*! Designed to keep up with your power needs, Duracell Rechargeable Powerbank 10500 mAh helps you charge your portable electronics anywhere and anytime. Ten safety features along with Duracell’s 3-year guarantee ensure safe, portable power that will help in any emergency.

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