MOB Dancing Animals

MOB - Mobility on Board Dancing Animals - Bluetooth Speaker Animated Move at the Rhythm of the Music

Manufacturer: Mobility On Board

- FUN DESIGN: Do you know the arts toys? This term refers to design figurines in the image of this Bluetooth dancing dog enclosure. Inspired by contemporary art, street art or web design, these decorative toys transform your interior into a temple of good taste!
- SOCIABLE: This Bluetooth dancing dog enclosure is declined into several more cute animals than any other! Unicorn, Panda, fox or cat can even move in duet with your dog for even more fun.
- Useful and playful: Make your interior design groove with this Bluetooth dancing dog enclosure that has the rhythm in the skin! This equipment inspired by the Kawaii style cannot indeed resist the temptation to sway, thus making the joy of audiences of all ages.
- Techno-CHIC: Technology and style are aligned with this Bluetooth dancing animal enclosure that improvises dance steps. This hyper-connected equipment does indeed work in Bluetooth. and recharges with a Micro-USB cable.
- MOBILE: You never go out without your music? This speaker that moves to the sound of Music offers a free hand function and up to 4h of autonomy to improvise a flossing anywhere! House, Office, transport, it slips everywhere thanks to its small size.



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